We help B2B business owners develop the marketing strategy needed to reach more customers, build a strong brand as well as achieve long term growth.


How WE Can Help YoU

Most small businesses focus on visible marketing that sits on the surface such as branding, web design & social media. Where we are different.  We dive beneath the surface and focus on building a solid strategy first to give you the solid foundations that will yield much better returns from all your marketing activity. Although you can continually show up with nice looking communications using a consistent message - if this message is not the right message or you are not reaching the right people or it may not be the right time so your marketing efforts will not be effective. We take a more strategic approach that that will help you step back and see the bigger picture so that you can fine tune your marketing so it is optimised to its full potential and will generate and convert more sales opportunities. 


Marketing Consultancy - Do you need help with your marketing strategy or help writing a marketing plan? Being able to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably is the key to a good marketing marketing strategy. Identifying your target customer segments, looking at personas and really putting yourself in the shoes of your customer will ensure you are delivering the right products and services in the right way and with the right messages.  We will make sure your whole  marketing is working in unison to do this and maximise returns. 


Marketing Project Management/ Freelance Head of Marketing - Perhaps you already have a junior marketing person in place but you need someone to give them guidance and structure to elevate your marketing to the next level.  Or maybe you need someone to come in and be your head of marketing to project manage a one off campaign or project such as a re-brand or new website?  I have worked in marketing for 25 years and the last 15 years have been spent leading marketing teams so you can rely on me to be a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands.

Marketing Coaching and Mentoring - As well as being an experienced marketer and I am also a qualified executive coach.  Just like people have different reasons for choosing a personal trainer, they consider marketing coaching for different reasons. If you are in need of clarity. you would find it useful to talk through your options and ideas with someone who is experienced in marketing and you can trust to give you objective, professional advice.

about us

We are a husband and wife team with a combined experience of over 45 years working in marketing roles for businesses large and small.  After both being made redundant during the Covid crisis we decided to set up our own freelance marketing consultancy aimed at SMEs specialising in marketing strategy, planning and marketing project management that delivers results.

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