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Many small businesses simply don’t have the time to go through the process of developing an in-depth strategic marketing plan and want to get things moving quickly with this fast track mini marketing plan.  This is a detailed process where we will visit your offices or will meet over zoom for a full-days one to one consultative workshop or two half day consultative workshops where we will gather all the information on your business, your marketplace, your competitors and evaluate the effectiveness of your existing marketing plans, campaigns or activities.  We will examine your targeting, customer segments and how you position to each of these segments.  This session will provide clarity over your brand values, and outline what your key messages should be.  We will then advise on the right mix of marketing channels and activity to support your business objectives and help your business grow.  This mini plan package will include: 

  • Market insight and a situational analysis – a review of market factors, the competitive landscape, opportunities and risks

  • Marketing objectives

  • Target markets – Segmentation of your key audiences

  • Channel selection - how to reach your audiences effectively

  • Implementation plan

  • Main messages – what messages to communicate to resonate with your audience segments

  • 2 x half day workshops with a qualified and experienced consultant held face to face or over zoom.

  • A tailored one year marketing plan written by a qualified marketing expert delivered within 15 working days of the initial meeting.

Total £600


An in depth strategic plan is designed for small businesses who want to make sure their marketing is achieving their goals and is as effective as it can be at helping them grow. Without a solid marketing strategy you could be throwing money away on marketing and promotion that is untargeted, unfocused and ineffective. We’ll help you define your marketing strategy, appropriate to the size and maturity of your business. You know your business better than anyone, and we understand marketing, so together we will shape your ideal strategy for your organisation’s growth. If you have existing activity in place we can evaluate what is working for you and what is not, and make recommendations to improve and re-focus. Following our report you can choose to implement the recommendations yourself or we can support you in making it happen.  In this package we will take your business through each of the steps of the marketing planning journey to provide you with a detailed marketing strategy with a corresponding implementation plan.  This process  involves five half day in depth consultative workshops with the client over an 8 week period.  You will be guided through a full internal and external audit of your business.  We will evaluate your business goals and objectives and present you with a comprehensive strategic and implementation plan.  The strategic marketing plan package will include:

  • Marketing audit – identifying what is and isn’t currently working for your organisation.  

  • Market insight – a review of your 5 Ps of marketing (products, price, place, promotion and people), the competitive landscape, opportunities and risks

  • Marketing objectives – aligning your key business goals and objectives to your marketing activity

  • Target markets – who your key audiences are, including buyer personas if appropriate

  • Channel selection – choosing the most effective marketing tactics  to reach your audiences effectively

  • Implementation plan

  • Main messages – what to communicate to resonate with your audiences

  • Measurement and evaluation – how to identify what is and isn’t working

  • 5 x half day one to one consultative workshops lead by a qualified expert.

  • Detailed marketing strategy and full implementation plan

  • Delivered within 15 working days of the last workshop

Total £​1,500

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