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Why Marketing Superpower?

Simply put - we assist small businesses in securing more clients, increasing sales, and building brand awareness in a way that is both ethical and sustainable. We do this by offering practical, cost effective marketing services that are based on our own principles of empathy, creativity, honesty, transparency, authenticity and sustainability. In addition we follow the guiding principles of The Ethical Move.

As a small businesses ourselves we appreciate that time and money are rare and valued commodities. Therefore, we keep our services simple, costs effective and flexible. This allows us to build a marketing service which works for your specific needs and complements marketing elements you may already have in place - as long as they are delivering what you need.

Marketing can be a complicated and confusing area, but it needn't be.  There are no quick fixes, manipulation techniques or hacks. It generally boils down to having a deep and empathetic understanding of your customer and their needs and then the getting across the message of how you can help them, to the right people at the time that is right for them.

To help you achieve this we'll take the time to understand your business and its needs and suggest a way forward. Then you can decide if some, or all, of the solution feels right for your business, and how much of it you want our support with. This may be a simple rewrite of the text on your website, a full strategic marketing review or the design and implementation of a social media campaign or a regular mentorship, support and guidance. Whether it's a big or small task, we just like helping small businesses to unlock their potential.

Our friendly and expert approach will take the stress of marketing off your desk. Our range of services will build your brand, engage your customers, generate and convert more sales opportunities and ultimately grow your business. You can trust us to bring the passion and determination needed to go that extra mile to deliver a fantastic service, and results.

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