Is there still a place for offline marketing?

Updated: Sep 28

When it comes to marketing, increasingly the focus seems to be placed on digital marketing. As a result, many small businesses are almost purely using digital marketing and social media for promotion. This has led a lot of people to wonder if there is still a place for more traditional offline channels?

There is no question that digital marketing is a necessary component of a marketing strategy for small businesses - search ads, online content and social media posts are both effective and inexpensive marketing tactics. However, this doesn’t negate the effectiveness of traditional offline marketing.

Traditional offline marketing involves promotional or advertising through media such as television, radio, newspapers, billboards, in-person events, direct mail, door drops, posters and PR. These can all complement and enhance digital marketing campaigns. Of course, the best marketing strategies are built around the customer and where the customer will be open to engaging with the advertising. Using a combination of both online and offline techniques in multi-channel campaigns can prove really effective as they increase the number of touchpoints with a customer and helps repeat and reinforce key messages.

Offline marketing may allow you to reach a wider customer base and access customers who are not always online. Good marketing is all about reaching your customer in the way they want to be reached in the places that they hang out. So for example some customers may not be that tech savvy and may not be online such as some older customers.

Offline marketing provides a different customer experience. It is more tangible and tactile and, in a world, where so much is digital it can really stand out and cut through the noise found online.

A recent example of a multi-channel campaign was a client who ran Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and direct mail, all using the same look and feel in terms of imagery and consistent messaging. The message on the direct mail flyer linked to an online video and their website.

At Marketing Superpower, we believe that all marketing activity should align with and support your overall business plan. If it isn’t in sync with your goals, objectives, mission, vision and values than whether it is online or offline it is unlikely to maximise its effectiveness and resonate with your target customers.

Recently we worked on a project which involved a multi-channel campaign for a client who ran Facebook and Google Adwords advertising alongside an email and direct mail campaign. This is one of the more notable projects that we’ve worked on. All channels had a consistent look and feel, particularly imagery, as well as a targeted messaging. The goals and objectives were to get people to scan a QR code and watch an online video. This then took them onto their website as a ‘lead magnet’. We were really pleased with the glowing five-star review we received on Clutch. More information on the project can be found here.

It is always important to remember that even though digital marketing opens up a lot of opportunities, a multi-channel approach, not forgetting offline channels, can be more effective.

Instead of outsourcing parts of your marketing to a social media agency, copywriter and/or email marketer, with Marketing Superpower you’ll find that we have all of these skills under one roof to give your business, and the results, a joined-up approach. We can manage your marketing at every step of the way; from your marketing strategy and plan to implementation and then measure its success.

We can manage the strategy or implement that strategy for you including:

  • Marketing strategy and planning

  • Multi-channel campaign management

  • Direct campaign management from data purchase to flyer design

  • Bespoke project management – rebrands, website refreshes

  • Content strategy

  • Blog writing and website content writing

  • Copywriting

  • Email marketing

  • Event management

  • Social media management

  • Thought leadership development

  • Website content writing

  • Supplier management of design, web and print

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