Direct Mail

Direct to your customer's doorstep

In an increasingly digital world, you would be forgiven for forgetting about postal Direct Mail (DM), but it continues to evolve and adapt. Whether used alone or alongside email marketing and other channels, it can be extremely effective. Direct mail can cut through the noise of digital fatigue to grab attention.

Postal and email direct marketing can complement each other if properly planned and co-ordinated as one can reinforce the other. It is important that the data used is of a high quality, and using mailing lists with well-targeted advertising material, direct mail can be a powerful tactic in raising brand awareness and driving sales.

We can work with you to build a campaign that will ensure you reach your target audience in the most effective way. We then manage your entire campaign from sourcing highly targeted GDPR compliant data to the campaign messaging, creative, printing and posting. We manage all elements including monitoring and assessment of results.


Recent surveys have shown that prospective customers are more happy to receive contact from businesses through the post than by any other method of communication.

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